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"It's refreshing to be with a company that places so much value on our involvement. At Dodtech, we're involved right from the start of every project." - Dodtech employee

What's It Like to Work at Dodtech?

Visionary...Dynamic...Exciting...Fun...Passionate... No matter where they are in the world, Dodtech employees all share a common goal: making customers successful. But life at Dodtech isn't all work; we want you to enjoy your job too! We've worked to create both a relaxed and stimulating environment at every Dodtech office.

More importantly, Dodtech is a company that rewards risk-taking and creativity. We reward bold ideas and even bolder strategies for executing those ideas. Because Dodtech understands that to be the best, and to reap success for our customers, shareholders, and employees, the old rules no longer apply.

A Challenging Future Awaits You

Dodtech is searching for our next class of great talent. We're looking for individuals who want to be part of something great - people who hunger to make our products better and our company more successful. Being the leader in the industry doesn't allow us to kick back and pat ourselves on the back. We are setting precedence for where the market goes, while everyone is still trying to catch up. We plan on keeping it that way.

Equal Opportunity Employment
Our company employment policies are intended to protect the equal opportunity for all individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or other difference. We recruit applicants, hire, train, and promote individuals based on the most qualified persons for jobs, encouraging diversity and opportunity for all.

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